Stamped Concrete

1_4d99cc5d54895Bricks, pavers, and cobbles may look nice, but since they form a surface of many interlocking pieces, they are susceptible to frost- heave, water damage, and other changes in the underlying surface.  Also, bricks, pavers, cobbles, etc. allow for weeds to grow up through the cracks.  Since stamped concrete is a solid, continuos surface, nothing can grow up through the cracks. The “cracks” in stamped concrete are simply impressions in the concrete that only partially penetrate the surface. Because stamped concrete is s solid continuos surface there are no mortar joints or separations to maintenance.

Many homeowners are switching from bluestone, brick pavers, etc. to stamped concrete because they are able to achieve a  similar or superior (depending on your opinion) visual aesthetic without the constant costly maintenance.

In brief, the stamped concrete is installed as follows-
•    Madison Maintenance adds color in the mixer. This method is called integral coloring and is far superior to any other coloring process.
•    Apply release agent. Release agent allows the texturing mats to come off without taking off concrete.
•    Lay mats. Texturing mats are laid in succession.
•    Let dry for 24 hours.
•    Pressure wash the release agent off.
•    Apply commercial grade sealer.

Madison Maintenance LLC uses only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our stamped concrete is the highest quality available in the business.

Please call for a free estimate (313) 885-8525 and our team of concrete experts will be happy to assist you in choosing a stamped concrete pattern and color most aesthetically pleasing to your home and the surrounding landscape.

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